FIS - Faculty of Information studies

Dean's address

Dean's address

I am pleased that we have entered the seventh year of the FIS together. The aim of the new FIS management will be to continue the FIS excellent academic work and the scientific research, for which we will strive to increase the volume of funding from the EU research programs. FIS will tend to achieve stabilization and increase of enrollment in the 1st and 2nd stage along with the raise of the quality of enrolled students at Level 3. In order to succeed, we started the modernization of the existing study programs, the organization of student field trip to Switzerland in April 2015, CISCO summer school, as we have already carried out the 6th International Conference ITIS. The latter allows us to (among other things) to expand our networking within foreign researchers and creating a more active supportive environment for promoting applications in EU tenders. Moreover, during this period we are performing activities in the direction of the acquisition of our own teaching and research facilities. Finally, an important objective for FIS is also the inclusion into a public University of Novo mesto, which we believe will further reinforce the already performed FIS activities.

Dean of the faculty of information studies 2014
Nadja Damij, Ph.D., Full Professor

I see the Faculty of information studies as an entrance point into a network that will connect ambitious professors, diligent students and business organisations which will employ the graduates of the faculty and take active part in creating the study processes at the faculty. Faculty is a response to a very clear need for graduates, which will have firstly good knowledge of ICT and secondly also strong awareness of societal and organizational frameworks in which we use this technology. Graduates of the study programmes Informatics in contemporary society will be a connecting link between departments of Informatics with the other departments in organizations and with their help the organizations will achieve theirs objectives more quickly. At the faculty we are aware of the responsibility to students and external partners, so we strive for high quality of our teaching and research work.

Dean of the faculty of information studies 2008-2014
Janez Povh, Ph.D., Associate Professor