Alumni Club

Graduates of the Faculty of Information Studies can socialize and enrich their experiences in the Alumni Club of the Faculty of Information Studies. The Alumni Club is a voluntary, independent and non-profit association of all graduates, masters and doctors of our faculty.

Become a member

Graduates of all generations who have completed their studies at the Faculty of Information Studies are invited to become members of the Alumni Club. Together we create a network of social capital and knowledge, which will be our springboard into the world of informatics. Fill out the online application form for the Alumni club and join us!

In case of any additional questions you can e-mail us at

Alumni Club activities

  • Meetings and gatherings of FIS graduates (professional scientific and business cooperation, transfer of acquired knowledge and experience between club members);
  • Strengthening of social ties between graduates and the faculty and its lecturers (information on faculty activities, implementation of projects …);
  • Organization of professional and scientific conferences, consultations, discussions, seminars or round tables;
  • Publishing journals and other publications, and promoting the professional and scientific achievements of club members to the general public;
  • Establishing contacts between faculty graduates and potential employers;
  • The possibility of discounts on faculty services, workshops, conferences …;
  • The possibility of participating in faculty projects;
  • The possibility of presenting your company or career paths as part of entrepreneurial afternoons;
  • The possibility of receiving notifications about current events, job vacancies.