Business card

Full name for PRS:Faculty of Information Studies in Novo mesto
Short name for PRS:FIS
Official address:Ljubljanska cesta 31a, p.p. 603
Zip code and city:8000 Novo mesto
Municipality:Novo mesto
Phone:+386 07 37 37 884
Dean:Prof. Ph.D. Matej Makarovič
Registration number:3375650000
Tax number:SI54608821
Bank account:IBAN SI56 01100600 0026 989
BIC code of the Bank of Slovenia:BSLJSI2X
PIC code:985887728
Statistical region:Southeast Slovenia
Legal organizational form:Public institution
Activities SKD:P85.422 – Higher education

Catalogue of public information

Catalogue of public information ((Consent of the Ministry))

“The first paragraph of Article 2 of the ZDIJZ states that the purpose of the law is to ensure the publicity and openness of the Faculty’s activities and to enable the exercise of the right of natural and legal persons to obtain information of a public nature. The provision of information of a public nature is one of the statutory tasks of the faculty, therefore the faculty is also obliged to provide adequate resources and staff to deal with such requests. We strive to ensure that the level of access charges remains as low as possible or does not impede, effectively and disproportionately, the exercise of this fundamental human right, which is also guaranteed by Article 39(2) of the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia. We always warn the applicant of the charges before issuing an invoice. If the applicant expressly requests it, the faculty must also inform him in advance of the amount of the charges it will impose for providing the information.”

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