FIS - Faculty of Information studies

Story of us

Story of us

The faculty of information studies is the first public faculty independent of any Slovene university and at the same time it is the first faculty in Novo mesto. The National assembly of the Republic of Slovenia passed the act of establishing the Faculty of information studies in Novo mesto on 24th June 2008. It is the first pillar of the public higher educational system in the region.

The study programmes started taking place in the academic year 2008/09, when 122 students were registered. Since then we register around 220 students each year in our five study programmes from all three study programme cycles. 

A good faculty is made by good professors, not by beautiful walls. Therefore, a big attention has been put on employing lecturers and researchers, who not only they have a PhD degree in the field they teach, but they have also gained experience from the projects of the European Union and economy and are prepared to advance their knowledge in a particular professional field.

You are kindly invited to join us either as a partner of the faculty, as a lecturer or as a student of FIS.

Vision & Mission 2015-2020

The vision guides our actions and shows us the way forward. The mission describes our attributes. Combined into one, they define the Faculty of Information Studies:

We are an academic institution, which synthesizes the social sciences, IT and computer knowledge. We set the foundation of the contemporary society and expand the horizons of it. We contribute to the contemporary society through education, training and research at the highest level. We are committed to achieving excellence. We are aware of our role in the sustainable development of the local Dolenjska and Slovenian environment. In year 2020, we will be comparable with reputable academic institutions in South Eastern Europe.