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15 students obtain PhD as part of international project COSMOS


The Faculty of Information Studies in Novo mesto recently organised the closing event of the COSMOS project in Dolenjske Toplice. A total of 15 students took part in the interdisciplinary project on mathematical modelling of complex systems and obtained their PhD under the mentorship of 15 principal investigators.

The international project entitled Complex Oscillatory Systems: Modelling and Analysis (COSMOS) started in January 2015 and will officially come to a close in December this year.

The project consortium is made up of eight European partner universities and faculties led by the University of Potsdam, and 15 industrial partners.

The partner institutions include the Faculty of Information Studies in Novo mesto, which last week organised the project's closing conference in Dolenjske Toplice.

A key goal of the COSMOS project has been to provide adequate training on the intersection of physics, applied mathematics and natural sciences to 15 early stage researchers from different European countries and prepare them for various academic and business posts through a combination of theoretical and experimental approaches.

During the project, the fifteen early stage researchers worked on their PhD theses at two different partner institutions in two countries. They also worked in industry for three months.

"When they graduate they are trained in multiple aspects of academic work, and they also have an industrial component to their training," said the COSMOS project head Caroline Reid.

Slovenian faculty participating in the project

Since the start of the project, various faculties have hosted numerous events and presentations of the project and students' research. In addition, every six months a project meeting or a conference was hosted by one of the partners in the project. The project's concluding conference, which was held in Dolenjske Toplice last week, was organised by Zoran Levnajić of the Novo mesto Faculty of Information Studies.

He said that the faculty, the youngest partner of the consortium, was very grateful for the opportunity to be involved in the COSMOS project. This is the faculty's first major international science project at the EU level and it is hoping for more such projects in the future.

Levnajić took part in the project as one of the 15 principal investigators, which he described as a "great experience" from which he learned a lot. For example, how to advise students and make them fully realise their potential.

Members of the consortium and financing

The members of the project consortium include the University of Potsdam, University of Lancaster, University of Aberdeen, University of Florence, University of Amsterdam, the Faculty of Information Studies in Novo Mesto, the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and the Medical University of Graz.

COSMOS is a part of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network - European Joint Doctorates programme, funded by the European research and innovation programme Horizon 2020.


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