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ITIS 2018 & Kick-Off event of project KnowING IPR


10th International Conference on Information Technologies and Information Society (ITIS2018) which is annualy organised by Faculty of Information Studies in Novo mesto took place from 24th to 26th October 2018. 

This year the conference program (partially) overlaped with the program of the kick-off meeting of the project KnowING IPR (Fostering Innovation in the Danube Region through Knowledge Engineering and IPR Management).

The scientific scope is the interdisciplinary interface between social and computational sciences. The focus this year was on the implications of intellectual property and its management in information technology and society.


3 international keynote speakers (Dolores ModicDalibor FialaMarkus Abel) emphasized the importance of Intellectual Property Rights in the context of the knowledge society. Additionally, at the kick-off event there were organized several round tables with the topic of Challenges of IPR in the automotive industry and with university spinoffs. Also, official promotional video for the project KnowING IPR was presented at the beginning of Kick-Off event.  

Dolores Modic, one of the keynote speakers, said:  "For KnowING IPR partners, this was an excellent opportunity to build personal contacts. Other participants had their first contact with what this project in the field of information technology, intellectual property and technological transfer can bring to different stakeholders. Presentation of already completed work, has also demonstrated fruitful cooperation between experts from different institutions, countries and fields."


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