FIS - Faculty of Information studies

SME/HPC international summer school 2018


FYI, Vega Press Ltd and FIS organised the first SME/HPC international summer school (participants from Slovenia, Italy, Moldova) on 25-25 September in Novo mesto. 

Summer school participants engaged in development of ideas for HPC implementation in real environment, to solve real issues.

SME/HPC will organise a total of three summer schools, all in Slovenia, during the project’s life time to impart knowledge and learning about SME/HPC to young and advanced researchers as future HPC practitioners, and professionals wanting to learn HPC tools to stay up-to-date with the current trends in HPC. The three summer schools will take place in Slovenia.

"Since we still did not develop HPC courses, we focused on delivering summer school to meet the conditions of SME/HPC project implementation. We will be more ambitious in 2019. It was a small but nice event," said Borut Rončević, Ph.D.