FIS - Faculty of Information studies

Professional study programme Informatics in contemporary society

Level (and type) of the programme: 1st cycle professional study programme
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters), 180 CP (credit points)
Form of study: Full-time or part-time study in Novo mesto
Professional title of a graduate: diplomirani družboslovni informatik (VS)
Tuition fee: 
- 1800 € per annum for the part-time study
- free of charge for the full-time study (for EU citizens and also for employed students); 1800 € for non-EU citizens

Basic aims of the programme

The aim of the professional study programme Informatics in contemporary society is to educate graduates with basic knowledge and skills from the field of social sciences, with broader knowledge of social research methods and a good knowledge of information-communication technology (ICT).

After the first level they will be able to take part in a creative working process in organisations in economics, in public administration or non-government organisations. They will also be able to continue their studies on the second and later on the third level.


The programme Informatics in contemporary society comprises the following subject areas of acquiring knowledge and skills: