FIS - Faculty of Information studies

Professional study programme Computer science and web technologies

Level (and type) of the programme: 1st cycle professional study programme
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters), 180 CP (credit points)
Form of study: Part-time (in Novo mesto)
Professional title of a graduate: diplomirani inženir računalništva (VS)
Tuition fee: 1800 € per annum for the part-time study

Basic aims of the programme

The aim of the professional study programme Computer science and web technologies is to educate graduates, who will be able to solve the most complex issues from the field of computing and World Wide Web technologies.

After the first level they will be able to perform all phases of the development of web and mobile applications (design, development, launch, sales and maintenance of applications). The graduates will take part in a creative working process in various IT organisations or develop their own start-up business. 


The programme Computer science and web technologies comprises the following subject areas of acquiring knowledge and skills:

Study programme courses

*With the 1st of October 2015 the names of the courses of this study programme have changed. The names that were used before the 1st of October 2015 are in parentheses.

Introduction to Informatics (Basic Information Technology*)

Introduction to Programming (Basics of Programming*)

Introduction to Algorithms

Mathematics 1 (Mathematical Methods 1*)

Electronic Communication and Literacy

Web Programming 1

Computer Networks

Operation Systems

Statistics 1

Mathematics 2 (Mathematical Methods 2*)

Information Systems

Data Bases and Data Modelling

Introduction to Criptography and Spatial Geometry

Web Programming 2

Web and Mobile Application Development Life-Cycle

Knowledge Discovery in Data

User Experience


Elective Course 1

Elective Course 2

Research Practice

Informatisation of Business Processes

Web and Mobile Information Systems

User Interface Design


Elective Course 3

Work Practice

Diploma Thesis

Network Analysis Methods

Open-Source Solutions

Applied Cryptography

Geographic Information Systems

Process Modelling within Organisation using UML

The Influence of Information Technology on eBusiness

Dealing with Information and Knowledge in Organization

Management of Projects

Development of Solutions for Small Companies

Fundamentals of Document Systems

Database Administration

Information Society

Business Ethics

Organisational Communication

Communication Skills Training

Web Communications and Public Relations

Web and Mobile Solution Development Project

Job Seeking

High Performance Computing Systems

Introduction to Modelling and Simulation of Discrete and Continuous Systems

Algorithms in Computer Science

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