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International cooperation

International cooperation

We greatly encourage all the activities that connect the faculty with the international environment.

The key carriers of this international dimension are professors, assistants and researchers who are very active in the international sphere. They are taking part in study processes at foreign universities and in projects with foreign partners as well as by participating in international academic meetings and by publishing in foreign publications. Most members of FIS academic teaching staff spent some of their postgraduate study period abroad; consequently they strengthen those primary connections with new topics.

At FIS we look forward to international success of our students and employees and help strengthening this international network with additional activities. In spring 2009 FIS received the Erasmus+ university certificate and since then we enable our students, professors and professional staff to apply and experience international exchange with many European faculties.  

Also in 2009 we organised the first international academic conference ITIS (International Conference on Information Technologies and Information Society), which enable FIS to gain a better international acknowledgement year after year. The 10th ITIS will be organised on 26th October 2018. 

At FIS we are also very open to all the consortium initiatives in order to carry out international projects with an ambition to increase as fast as possible a share of initiatives where FIS will be the main holder.

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