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Faculty of information studies also offers Dreamspark program, formerly known as MSDN Academic Alliance or MSDNAA. This program enables students and faculty employees to download license Microsoft software through web site ELMS (Electronic License Management System) and to use them on their own personal computers. Students can use this software as long as they are signed on FIŠ, likewise employees can use it until they are employed at faculty.

Access to Microsoft 365 Office and e-mail on domain

Fields marked with * are obligatory.

With this account you obtain access to Microsoft Office 365 products that contains: 25GB mailbox, 25MB max for one message, sharing of files. Sing up here.

Access to Dreamspark web site for allocation of licences and downloading software

When you obtain access to e-mail account on domain, fill in this form, with which you confirm terms of use for Dreamspark.

Form for obtaining ELMS access:

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Downloading software

Software can be downloaded to your computer through ELMS system in a form of ISO file. If you like, you can save this software on CD or DVD like image with use of programmes for writing on optical media, for instance CDBurnerXP. ELMS will provide you with the product key, which you need for activating this software.

Follow this procedure:

Go to ELMS system page and sign up with your user name and password that you got through e-mail.

  1. You can find or choose programme with the help of categories.
  2. Selected programmes put into basket (Add To Cart).
  3. Select Check Out.
  4. Carefully read licence agreement and click I Accept button.
  5. Write your first name, family name and e-mail and then click Proceed With Order button.
  6. Click on selected product.

The page that you download contains product key number, which you need for installation. This is why you have to save it on safe place on your computer or just print it. You shouldn’t share your product key number with nobody and you can only use it for one installation. Click the Download Software button.

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