FIS - Faculty of Information studies

Why study at FIS?

Why study at FIS?

Because we care about our students.


FIS is a public faculty.

This means that the Republic of Slovenia is the founder who finances the implementation of the study. Therefore, the study is free of charge for full-time students from countries part of the European Union. As a full-time student you can apply for a professional, academic or MSc study programme Information science in the contemporary society. Other options are professional part-time study of Computer science and web technologies or PhD study programme Information society.

Original interdisciplinary study of information science in the modern society

The faculty is an answer to very clear demands for graduates who will have good knowledge of information science and communication technology as well as social and organisational frameworks, where this technology has to be incorporated. The graduates of the study programmes Information science in the modern society will connect departments of information services with other departments in an organisation so that the organisation will be able to reach its goals faster with a help of information technology.

The implementation of the study is adjusted to all the groups.

Since among full-time students of all the three programmes many of them are employed, the timetable has been formed in a way that those employed students can attend most lectures and practice sessions. The study is supported by virtual online classrooms, therefore the students can attend the lectures and lessons from any location and take active part in discussions.

Orientation towards the quality

For the quality of every faculty it is of key importance that the lecturers are professors who are experts in a particular field, who are respectful to the students and at the same time ambitious. At the faculty we strive for excellent teaching staff that will provide the students with a lot of knowledge and at the same time demand a lot from them as well. Very important short-term goal of the faculty is to become the most organised and the most information-science supported faculty.

Connection with the international environment

The lecturers and assistants are connected with the international environment with their pedagogic and even more with the research work, which enables them to keep in touch with novelties that are often even formed by them.

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