Why informatics and computer science?

Do you want to gain useful knowledge in the fields of informatics and computer science? Do you want to build a start-up company in the field of web or mobile app development? Would you like to also gain knowledge in the fields of entrepreneurship, project management and business?

Then you are in the right place.

Informatics and computer science are at the very heart of today’s world development. As a FIS graduate, you will gain knowledge to more effectively achieve set goals in your current workplace, and knowledge for the development of new jobs that are in step with the times and rapid economic progress.

FIS graduates have numerous career opportunities. Nowadays, more or less every company needs at least one IT specialist or computer expert, while larger companies have entire departments dedicated to these occupations. Job opportunities can also be found in public institutions, organizations for data collection and processing, and educational institutions. During their studies, FIS students also acquire knowledge in the fields of entrepreneurship and project management, thus gaining additional independence with their career choices.

Find your job in:

  • Organizations, where data is collected and statistically processed for the purpose of marketing, sales, public relations, public opinion polling.
  • Your own start-up company, developing new applications and programs.
  • Companies in the field of information and communications technologies (ICT).
  • Public institutions, where they use or study the links between ICT and society.
  • Organizations, where they work in the field of ICT as well as perform other business tasks.

With its development, the IT profession has provided many solutions to improve everyday life and also more complex issues. Our students have designed an innovative solution called Inso+ IT which is intended for diabetics and healthcare facilities. Combining a mobile app and a website, Inso+ IT helps improve patients’ life quality and simplifies the work of nurses and doctors. With this solution, the innovators want to increase the disease awareness in patients, while also ensuring lower costs of treatments and medicines. The students received a bronze award for best innovations by the Chamber of Commerce of Dolenjska and Bela Krajina for the year 2012.

Furthermore, the SQBZY team, the national winner of the ‘Imagine Cup 2014’ IT competition in the World Citizenship category, reaped great success. The team developed an information system for visualizing underwater locations (sketching underwater maps) that will collect and offer up-to-date data via a desktop and mobile app. The app will be useful for divers and diving centres, swimmers, marine biologists, and fishermen. The system will also enable storage of diving logs in the cloud, better accessibility of the underwater world and data on water temperature and purity, structure or relief of the underwater terrain, depth, living and non-living world, and other users of the system.

The SQBZY team also won at the Science Slam in Ljubljana and won an award for the best start-up entrepreneurial project at the ITIME idea accelerator competition in 2014, proving that the project truly is excellent.

Why FIS?

Want to expand your knowledge in the fields of information technology and computing? Are you interested in web application development, algorithms, operating systems or similar spheres?

Become a FIS student!

At FIS, the student comes first. Therefore, we provide you with:

  • Lecturers’ personal approach to students and mentoring;
  • Knowledge of modern technology imparted by young and expert lecturers and teaching assistants;
  • Modern student-faculty communication modes (Facebook, Twitter, electronic grade book, online schedule that syncs with Google Calendar and Outlook, Moodle online classroom for study materials);
  • Free education for employed students as well;
  • Schedules adjusted for full-time, part-time, and employed students;
  • International study exchanges.

Content-rich studies with experienced lecturers

FIS is an institution where study programmes are keeping up with the latest trends in the area of information society and the development of information technologies. It offers modern teaching methods implemented by domestic lecturers, who are experts in their respective fields, and foreign guests from world-renowned universities, as well as advanced teaching aides. Lecturers at FIS have an abundance of hands-on experience in the topics they teach, and the presentation of study material is based on practical examples. FIS lecturers, researchers, associates and, of course, FIS students are strongly involved in the international environment, in which they participate as an equal partner in the exchange of scientific achievements, and also newly added knowledge and experience, which are essential to achieve the best results in their fields.

Our knowledge is an accelerator of the regional economy

We enable students to connect with several companies, as Microsoft, Krka, Arnes, TPV, Development Centre Novo mesto, and many others are our partners. Together we create programs for the development of automatic recognition and sorting of electronic documents, and develop tools for using programs in everyday life and thus optimize work processes. We increase time efficiency and reduce bureaucracy, while simplifying procedures in the automotive, service and pharmaceutical industries.

For faster research and more efficient data processing, we use our own high-performance supercomputer, which we named Rudolf or Rudy. It is powered by 700 processor cores, has 4TB of DDR3 RAM, and 100 TB of disk capacity is available for data. Rudolf enables us to cooperate even more successfully with the economy, whereas students can also obtain knowledge on how to work with a supercomputer.

At the end of 2019, the high-performance computer Rudolf was joined by Trdina, which we acquired within the project Upgrading national research infrastructures – HPC RIVR in partnership with the University of Maribor and the Institute of Information Sciences (IZUM). HPC RIVR is the most powerful supercomputer system in Slovenia (it includes our supercomputer Trdina, as well as the supercomputer HPC Vega and the prototype supercomputer Maister).

Students are at the core of our faculty

Many students participate in international competitions. We have been crowned winners of the 2014 Imagine Cup competition, the 2014 Science Slam in Ljubljana, and the ITIME idea accelerator competition for the best start-up entrepreneurial project in 2014.

Students at FIS have the opportunity to join the Erasmus+ programme for a chance to study or work abroad. During the academic year, they also organize various social events and educational workshops, not only in the field of computer science and informatics, but also to better their employment opportunities and offer new knowledge for personal development.

In addition to lessons, our students also take care of entertainment. A traditional sports picnic brings together students from several faculties in Novo mesto. Every year we go on a professional excursion somewhere in Europe, where we see modern IT companies and local attractions. In addition, the student council makes sure that we hang out on other occasions as well. Here are some impressions of our students:

Some impressions of our students:

“The decision for FIS was the right one.”

Helena Čebulin, master’s study programme Informatics in Contemporary Society

“Relationships with professors and assistants are excellent.”

Rok Kopina, academic study programme Informatics in Contemporary Society

“My classmates and I help each other with our study obligations.”

Marija Plesničar, professional study programme Informatics in Contemporary Society

“With the new knowledge, I will create a modern IT profession.”

Jože Bučar, doctoral study programme Information Society

“Egon Prijon, master’s study programme Informatics in Contemporary Society.”

Egon Prijon, master’s study programme Informatics in Contemporary Society

Why study in Novo mesto?

Do you want to study in your home town? Or are you tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and want nature at your fingertips?

Why Novo mesto?

The city centre is accessible by public transport (train, bus) or car, or you can choose to stay in one of the student dormitories. Meals are also provided by a number of restaurants that accept subsidized student meal coupons.

You can enjoy your free time by visiting cultural events and festivals such as Fotopub, Jazzinty, and Museum Gardens … LokalPatriot, Goga bookstore, Janez Trdina Cultural Centre, Cineplexx cinema, Simulaker gallery, Dolenjska Museum, Anton Podbevšek theatre and others provide even more events.

Moreover, you can also partake in sports activities in the Marof sports hall and the Leon Štukelj hall, on the open courts and tennis courts at Loka, and on the Portoval athletic and football stadium. Gorjanci and Trška gora hills are suitable for hiking throughout the whole year. You can also row down the river Krka or enjoy its beauty from a raft.

The Southeast Slovenia region is an excellent starting point for your career. At FIS, we cooperate with the Chamber of Commerce of Dolenjska and Bela krajina, which connects successful companies from our region. They operate in the pharmaceutical and automotive industries, the electrical and electronic industries, compressor manufacturing, metal construction manufacturing, construction and other activities, and they all need IT experts. The economy is highly export-oriented, so our companies are defying the crisis and are still operating at a profit.

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