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Preparation and characterization of single/few layer antimonene and germanium (2D-Sb&Ge)

Obdobje poteka: 01. 04. 2019—30. 11. 2021

Sofinancer: EU (FLAG-ERA) preko MIZŠ

Sodeluje: Laboratorij za kompleksne sisteme in podatkovne znanosti 

Naziv projekta: Preparation and characterization of single/few layer antimonene and germanium

Vrsta projekta: Razvojno-raziskovalni projekt

Vloga FIŠ: Partner

Partnerji: Vodilni partner je Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Španija, partner je Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg/Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Nemčija.


Dr. Daniel Meljanac, researcher at the Slovenian partner (FIŠ), made the visit to Madrid (UAM) from 19. 1. 2020 to 15. 2. 2020. This visit was intended to launch a more active collaboration between UAM and FIŠ, where dr. Meljanac would be working.

During this stay we had intensive discussions and meetings, on which we covered the most relevant scientific papers and ideas that will be key for our project. More importantly, we made plans and goals about how to implement these ideas in practice. The focus was on computational simulation methods, such as density functional theory (DFT) and quantum transport methodologies, but also on many of the theoretical concepts that are going to be relevant for the project. This included getting acquainted with the physics of 2D materials and topological insulators. Furthermore, we have set up programming codes which will soon be installed, and run on our HPC facility at FIŠ.

Vodja projekta na FIŠ: izr. prof. dr. Zoran Levnajič