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Technology and Innovations in Regional Development for Europe 2020 (JM CoE - TIR2020)

Obdobje poteka: 01. 09. 2017—31. 08. 2020

Sofinancer: EU (Erasmus +)

Sodeluje: Jean Monnet center odličnosti ''Inovacije in tehnologije v regionalnem razvoju''

Naziv projekta: Technology and Innovations in Regional Development for Europe 2020 (JM CoE - TIR2020)

Vrsta projekta: Pedagoški projekt

Vloga FIŠ: Prijavitelj 


Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence titled Technology and Innovations in Regional Development for Europe 2020 (TIR2020) will be the focal point for competence and knowledge on implementation of Europe 2020 vision of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth via technological innovations on the regional level, with a particular focus on its institutional, social and cognitive foundations and mechanisms.

TIR2020 is design to complement and upgrade the activities of current Jean Monnet Chair focusing on implementation deficit of the EU grand strategies. To achieve this, TIR2020 will be based on i.) Open Innovation 2.0, an emerging paradigm where academia, policy-makers, industry and civil society co-create the future and drive structural changes, ii. Open Source model, drawing from and contributing to knowledge freely available to the public, and iii.) Social Fields conceptual framework, where regional systems of technological innovations are continuously (re)shaped by institutions, social networks and cognitive frames. TIR2020 will engage a variety of target groups, i.e. academia, students, professionals, policy-makers, businesses and civil society.

TIR2020 will set up infrastructure, methodologies, protocols, and tools to systematically collect, evaluate and make publicly available both already existing documentary resources and new primary empirical data. This will be the foundation for multi-level policy debate with relevant audiences (conference special sessions, joint field trips and round table discussions) and will enable us to develop content and tools on EU subjects, to complement and upgrade current courses and curricula (course modules, summer schools, workshops). These activities are carefully interwoven to incorporate principles of integrated collaboration, co-created shared value and rapid adoption of strategic vision of successful, smart and inclusive growth. As a result, TIR2020 will advance interdisciplinary EU studies and deal with the phenomenon of EU implementation deficit, with a view to offer research and educational tools that could be utilised throughout Europe, to contribute to awareness of EU grand strategies and their implementation on regional level.

TIR2020 will tackle an important policy issue and at the same time provide academic value added. The European Union has been continuously rethinking its global position amidst emerging economic and geopolitical. Europe 2020 provides a number of good guidelines on how to meet the challenges, especially its focus on successful, smart and inclusive growth, in which technology and innovations on the regional level play one of key implementation mechanisms and significant resources are dedicated to this. However, long-standing policy implementation deficit of the European Union is also recognised for its grand strategies, including the initially ambitious Lisbon Strategy. Is Europe 2020 set to fail as well? Implementation deficit of the Lisbon Strategy was not due to the

changed economic circumstances after 2008 which could hardly have been foreseen when the initial document was adopted, but due to failing to recognize the role of its institutional, social and cognitive underpinnings. This is also the main obstacle to success of Europe 2020. Excellent knowledge on this topic is one of the key necessary conditions to reduce implementation deficit.

TIR2020 is planned to achieve maximum impact with available resources by utilising the existing host institution’s infrastructure and activities. This is not only economically efficient, but will also allow avoiding unnecessary new content loading in addition to already existing one. Therefore, relevant fields of EU studies will be integrated where appropriate in the existing research, curricula and events, all that at higher education institution where EU studies are at a nascent stage of development. TIR2020 will deepen excellence and promote innovation in teaching and research on EU studies, with emphasis on young scholars and professionals, and foster evidence-based strategic debate and reflection on implementation of Europe 2020 in comparative regional perspective.

Vodja konzorcija projekta: prof. dr. Borut Rončević