In the FIŠ network, colleagues have a very important place. They are the carriers of all the fundamental processes that determine the quality of the entire Faculty.

The Faculty’s Academic Assembly is the vehicle for the educational and research process, in which students, future employers and other centres of knowledge are partners. The work of the Academic Assembly is based on the scientific and professional excellence of individuals, on personal relationships with students and on openness to the external environment. The Faculty’s Academic Assembly is an essential guarantee of the quality of the Faculty.

The professional staff are the carriers of the supporting and parallel processes that enable the Faculty to function as a well-connected network. They are the indispensable building blocks of the Faculty, through their respectfulness, conscientiousness, diligence and innovation.

Want to become a member of our team?

Are you self-motivated, team-oriented, an expert in your field, goal-oriented and can back this up with experience and references? Do you already have the status (elected) of a higher education teacher or colleague or would you like to acquire this status?

Send us a message and give us a brief introduction.

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