Technical benefits

The Faculty of Information Studies is a member of the Microsoft Azure programme. This programme enables students and faculty staff to download licensed Microsoft programs through the Azure web portal and install these programs on personal computers. Students can use the programs as long as they are enrolled in the faculty and employees during the time of employment at the faculty.

Access to the Microsoft 365 Office cloud package and email account at domain at

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    With this account you get access to Office 365 products that contain: 25GB mailbox, 25MB max message size, file sharing. You can sign in here.

    Software download process

    You download the software via the Azure web portal. The software is downloaded onto your computer as an ISO file. If necessary you can burn the downloaded software to a CD or DVD as an image using optical media writers, such as CDBurnerXP. The product key you need to activate the software is located on the right after clicking on the selected product. There you also have to option to download the product.

    Follow these instructions:

    Go to the Azure system website and log in with your username and password you received by e-mail.

    1. You can search or select a program using categories.
    2. Click on the selected product and a new window with a program description (Activation code and download) will open on the right side.
    3. The activation code is generated after clicking on it. You use the code when activating the program.
    4. After clicking on the download, the desired program is downloaded in the form of an ISO file.
    5. All activation codes are saved in your profile.

    You must not share the activation code with anyone, and you can only use it for one installation.


    The Faculty of Information Studies in Novo mesto is a member of the eduroam federation of educational networks. Eduroam (education roaming) is an international federation of wireless networks for users in the field of education and research. The user connects to the eduroam network with the same username and password, regardless of the location of this network, both in Slovenia and abroad. All you need to use it is to open your laptop, no matter where it is located – at your home institution or, for example, at the University of Edinburgh. All users accept the rules of permissible use when connecting to the network.

    You can read more about the Eduroam network here.

    Instructions on how to connect

    Usernames and passwords for accessing the network are the same as for the student office and moodle, only the is added at the end of the username.

    To successfully connect to the wireless network, download the certificate to your device and connect to the Eduroam network. In case of problems, you can install the program the geteduroam.

    To connect via an Android mobile phone, use the geteduroam installer, and for iPhone devices, use the CAT(Configuration Assistant Tool) for eduroam, available from your App Store.

    Detailed instructions can be found on the official website of the Academic and Research Network of Slovenia – ARNES:

    If you need additional information or assistance, please contact

    JetBrains develops tools for software developers and project management, and also offers integrated development environments (IDEs) for various programming languages.

    JetBrains offers free licenses to use their solutions for educational purposes, which can be renewed as long as you have student status.

    You register on their website with a student account. After successful registration, you receive a free license for a period of one year.

    You then download the selected tool from their website and install it on your computer. After successful installation, start the program and log in with the previously created account, thus ensuring the full functionality of the program.

    GitHub, Inc. is a platform and cloud-based service for software development and version control using Git, allowing developers to store and manage their code (

    GitHub also provides free licenses for students with status where they can register with a student account on their portal. Registration instructions can be found here.

    If you already have a registered account on GitHub, you must add a student account, otherwise the license will be rejected. The instructions under point 7 state that you must prove that you have status. You can obtain an electronic certificate of enrollment in English on the VIS website and upload it. Once approved, your license is valid for one year.

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