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The Faculty of Information Studies in Novo mesto is an independent public higher education institution that combines computing, IT and business skills. 70% of our budget comes from research and development projects. Among other things, we have optimised internal logistics for a manufacturing company with 30,000 products in its catalogue, where we developed a model of the production system and optimised the layout of machines, which reduced the product path by 30 percent.

What do we offer you?

  • Quality higher education in applied informatics and computer science at bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral level; our programmes are in touch with the current needs of the Slovenian economy and global trends, and the study schedule is tailored to the needs of busy students.
  • Using the latest scientific knowledge and practical methodologies (including advanced statistical processing and computer-aided data analysis), we help you solve the specific challenges you face.
  • If you have more complex computational problems (e.g. 3D modelling), we offer you the use of the first supercomputer in Dolenjska, Rudolf, with 700 processor cores, 4TB of RAM memory, 100TB of disk capacity and a 10 Gbps internet connection, which can solve your computational problem in a few hours instead of a few weeks.
  • We offer specialised workshops and concentrated training programmes in applied IT for various operating systems (Windows, Linux, iOS), business and office applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.), programming in Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, C/C++/C#, technical English courses for IT specialists and computer scientists, business plan development and project management courses for entrepreneurial start-ups, as well as courses in advanced mathematics and statistics.
  • We also offer courses in preparing project applications for research, development and other national and international calls for tenders; in cooperation with the client, we prepare an application for the selected call with a high probability of success.
  • We also offer a wide range of other intellectual services, such as IT system administration or maintenance in small and medium-sized enterprises, expert consultancy in the fields of computer science, applied informatics and entrepreneurship; and our students can help you in your work through a compulsory internship, while gaining new practical experience at the same time.

In the above bullet points, have you identified the rich possibilities of cooperation between your company and the Faculty of Information Studies in Novo mesto? Contact us at, we’ll arrange a meeting and we’d love to hear from you!

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