Registration and membership fee

Anyone who signs the membership statement and pays the membership fee for the calendar year according to the valid price list can become member of the library. Annual membership fee is already paid at enrollment at the faculty for the FIS students.

Students must bring a certificate of enrolment and an identity document on their first visit.

It is also possible for students to register online on COBISS+ website.

FIS students can use their student’s card as a library card. Other users can borrow the material using their identity document.


Students must bring a certificate of enrolment and an identity document on their first visit to the library. The amount of the registration fee, late fees, reminders and other library services is determined by the valid price list.

Borrowing material 

You can borrow up to 5 units of library material (more than 5 only if the head of the library allows it).

MaterialLoan periodLoan extention
Books and other material (electronic material)14 days1 x 14 business days if the material is not reserved for other users and if their loan period has not yet expired in če jim rok izposoje še ni potekel.
Mandatory study literature7 daysNo possibility of extension
Reference material or material intended only for use on the library premises1 dayNo possibility of extension
Periodical, electronic material7 daysNo possibility of extension

You can extend the loan period in person, by phone 059 075 152, via a computer catalogue My profile or by e-mail

Users can return the material in person or by sending it as registered mail to: Faculty of Information Studies in Novo mesto / Library, Ljubljanska cesta 31a, p.p. 603, 8000 Novo mesto. If the library member does not return the material on time, they must pay the late fee according to the valid price list.

Lost or damaged material

Users must replace damaged or lost material with the same or appropriate replacement material and at the same time pay the costs of processing the material according to the valid price list. If the material cannot be replaced they pay compensation according to the valid price list.

Interlibrary loan is a library service that allows library members to access material that we do not have in our library collection or is currently borrowed. The costs of interlibrary loan are charged according to the library price list and the costs of an international interlibrary loan depend on the type of service and the supplier’s price list.

Users can order the material in person or by email ( When placing an order, the user undertakes to:

  • Pay all costs incurred by interlibrary loan upon receipt of the material;
  • Pay all costs even if they do not collect the material;
  • Return the material on time and undamaged. We charge a late fee for exceeding the loan period. In case of damage or loss of material, the user must pay all costs incurred.

The material is collected in person. The material that the library receives in electronic form (e.g. an e-article …) is sent to the user by e-mail.

The loan period for the material and the possibility of extension are determined by the libraries that lend the material. An order that has already been sent to a supplier abroad cannot be cancelled. Cancellation of an order to a Slovenian library is only possible if the supplier library has not sent the material yet.

For additional information, call 059 075 152 or send the e-mail to

My Library 

My Library – My Profile is an online a user profile. Access is possible via the COBISS+ website by selecting the My Profile icon. The application allows:

  • Review of borrowed material and the possibility of extending the loan period;
  • Review of outstanding debts and restrictions;
  • Changing the password (the password should have at least 6 characters and should not contain hyphens or any other special characters);
  • Settings for electronic notification (change of e-mail address).


The condition for using the service is membership in the FIS / SASS library, where you will receive a password to enter My Library upon registration. You can log in:

  • Via the COBISS+ – My Profile website;
  • Enter an acronym (FIS) or a library name (selected from the drop-down list);
  • Enter your membership card number and password you chose upon registration in the appropriate fields;
  • Click the LOGIN button.

You can also log in using the username and password you obtained by remotely accessing the databases provided by IZUM.

If you have forgotten your password, you can change it yourself on the COBISS+ website or send an email to

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