Enrol as a citizen

Enrol as a citizen

An individual may join the study process at any time during the academic year and perform study obligations as a citizen under the same conditions as enrolled students. A citizen is a person who does not have the status of a student at the faculty, meaning they do not have the rights arising from the status of a student either. The individual, however, wishes to perform the study obligations determined by the study programmes of the faculty. A citizen may perform study obligations for the courses of an individual study programme on the first, second or third level.

An individual can enrol in a study programme as a citizen. They can enrol in an unlimited number of courses taught in the current academic year.

The candidate can receive information on the enrolment in the faculty administration office (e-mail: referat@fis.unm.si).

Pricing of individual courses

The price is determined on the basis of the evaluation of an individual course with credit points (ECTS). According to the faculty price list, the value of one credit point for calculating the price of a course is 45 €.

The price includes the implementation of lectures, exercises and the possibility to sit for an exam three times for each individual course.

Conditions for the completion of the studies

The condition for the completion of an individual course is the completion of all study obligations prescribed by the curriculum.

The citizen must register for participating in examination obligations at least 4 days before the exam deadline in the administration office. The condition for the participation in the exam is the prior payment for the implementation of the course.

After completing the study obligations, the citizen receives a certificate of completed study obligations, including the information on the obtained ECTS. They can then inforce the completed study obligations upon enrolling in study programmes at the faculty.

Withdraw or transfer to full-time / part-time studies

If you wish to cease your education as a citizen, you must fill out a withdrawal form in the administration office. It is also possible to terminate your studies as a citizen and enrol as a full-time or part-time student in the following academic year (depending on the number of exams that you have already paid for, enrolling in a higher year is also possible; or in the case of enrolment as a part-time student tuition fees may be reduced).

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