Computer infrastructure

Link to HPC center FIŠ

Our main computing infrastructure is the High Performance Computer (HPC), named Rudof or Rudy. It contains 736 CPU cores, with 3.6 TB RAM, runs at 13 Tflops with 96 TB hard drive. Rudy operates CentOS 6.5 64-bit Linux system. 

The main usage of Rudy is for running massive numerical simulations that are the core of all our research directions. In addition, HPC Research Center built around Rudy, implements, manages and participates in basic, applied, experimental and expert projects and tasks which require the usage of HPC. These involve various stakeholders from economy, local communities, government bodies, international research and commercial institutions, non-governmental organizations and others. HPC is also used for educational needs.


At the end of 2019, high-performance/supercomputer HPC Trdina joined the high-performance Rudolf computer.

Last year, the European Union selected 8 supercomputer centers for hosting the EuroHPC supercomputer infrastructure, including the Slovenian center. This is where the project Upgrading national research infrastructures – HPC RIVR came from. HPC RIVR is the most powerful public supercomputer system in Slovenia.

The “HPC RIVR” project applicant and coordinator is the University of Maribor (UM), where the Prototype Computer is set up and research and development activities are taking place. The project consortium partners are the Institute of Information Science (IZUM), where the Primary Computer will be set up and system support activities will take place, and the Faculty of Information Studies in Novo mesto (FIŠ), where remote access equipment is set up and research and development activities are taking place.

HPC Trdina is installed in the upgraded server room at the Faculty of Information Studies in Novo mesto and enables the expansion of the IT infrastructure of the faculty. 

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