On Friday, 10 November, we successfully concluded our two-day Information Technology and Information Society Conference ITIS 2023.

Our team successfully held the 14th International Conference on Information Technologies and the Information Society, also known as ITIS, in the M Hotel in Ljubljana. At this year’s event, we paid special attention to the future of digital society in the age of artificial intelligence and the resulting tools such as ChatGPT. These rapid content generation tools are already drastically changing various areas of our lives, and we can look forward to far-reaching consequences that are impossible to predict in their entirety at this point in time.

The main part of the ITIS 2023 conference took place on Thursday 9 November. The event was officially opened by Dr. Miroslav Kranjc, State Secretary at the Ministry of Digital Transformation, and Prof. Dr. Matej Makarovič, Dean of FIŠ.

The first invited speaker was Denise Potosky, who is a lecturer at the renowned Penn State University in the USA. In her lecture “I am not a robot”, she talked about human communication in the age of artificial intelligence. This was followed by a presentation of papers in the ChatGPT and Large Language Models (LLM) sections.

The second part of Thursday’s day started with a lecture by the second invited speaker, Slavko Žitnik from the University of Ljubljana. The lecture was entitled “How did we come to chat with AI? This was followed by a presentation of the papers in the General Applications of Artificial Intelligence section.

The second day of the conference, Friday 10 November, started with a lecture by invited speaker Juraj Petrović, University of Zagreb, who spoke about the future of education in the ChatGPT era. This was followed by the presentation of the papers of the Circular, Green and Environmental section. After the break, the authors of the Society 5.0 and Industry 4.0 section presented their papers.

Our conference was attended by many domestic and international experts from the USA, Croatia, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Kosovo and New Zealand. The conference programme and further information is available on the itis.fis.unm.si website. The Proceedings will also be available shortly on the >>linked website.

MATEJ MAKAROVIČ, Dean of Faculty of information studies in Novo mesto
MIROSLAV KRANJC, Ministry for Digital Transformation
DENISE POTOSKY, Professor of Management and Organization, Pennsylvania State University, USA
SLAVKO ŽITNIK, Laboratory for Data Technologies, Faculty for computer and information science, University of Ljubljana
JURAJ PETROVIĆ, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, Croatia
ITIS 2023 Team and two keynote speakers
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