On Saturday, 4 May 2024, the Student Council of our faculty organised a hackathon with a picnic. The aim of the event was to bring together different study programmes and levels, transfer of knowledge, student networking and find opportunities for collaboration within the common interests of individuals.

The hackathon included programming problem solving and reinforced the knowledge gained in algorithms. After the intensive problem solving, the participants had refreshments at the faculty, and the socializing continued at a picnic in Češča vas, where other students of our faculty joined them.

During the picnic, prizes were also awarded to the best hackathon participants. The winners were Rok Kopina, Filip Strajnar and Beno Zupančič.

The event was a success and a special thanks from the Student Council goes to Asst. Žiga Primc for his help in the organisation and to Assoc. Prof. Borut Lužar for the preparation and professional evaluation of the assignments. The Student Council would also like to thank all the companies and organisations that donated generous gift for the bags that where then awarded to the participants:

  • VitaProshop Trebnje
  • Revoz
  • Mikrografija
  • Mjob 
  • Ixtlan Team
  • Rudolfovo
  • FIŠ

Thanks also go to Marché, who provided a superb picnic buffet.

You can see some of the highlights of the event in the photo gallery:

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