We will again be an Associate Partner at the 16th International Technology Transfer Conference (ITTC) on 11th and 13th of October 2023. The theme of this year’s conference is “European wide integration of innovation services stemming from national initiatives”. The event will take place in the framework of the International multiconference Information Society (IS2023) and the IGC initiative Science Month, which is part of the EU’s campaign to promote the valorisation of knowledge.

The conference will present the European Council and European Commission’s guidelines on principles and recommendations for the evaluation of knowledge, and will also award a special prize for innovation from organisations in the public research sector.

The competition will focus on the presentation of business proposals to a judging panel made up of investors and technology commercialisation experts. The panel members will assess the commercial potential of the innovative technologies presented and award the technology with the highest commercial potential with a prize of €2,500!

Experts in the field will present their expert contributions on technology transfer and intellectual property, and their texts will be published in the conference proceedings. Visitors will have the opportunity to hear presentations on the research work and results of excellent scientists (ARIS projects) and on current research in various fields.


  • Date: 11th in 13th of October 2023
  • Place: Ljubljana, Slovenia and online
  • Location: Institut »Jožef Stefan«, Jamova cesta 39, Ljubljana
  • Website: http://ittc.ijs.si/


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