8.11.2023 FIŠ students, in particular students of the 3rd year of the Informatics in Modern Society VS programme (hereafter ISD) took part in a study visit to Revoz d.d., one of the most important companies in the city of Novo mesto, which is also the only car manufacturer in Slovenia.

The students first listened to a lecture by Simona Blažinč, who introduced the company, including many interesting historical facts, such as the fact that the last Katrca in the world, i.e. the last legendary Renault 4, was built at Revoz. Alan Pavlič from the Department of Informatics then presented Revoz’s IT system, with a special focus on e-commerce, as this area is particularly important for third-year ISD students.

Under the guidance of Urška Bahor and Simona Blažinč, the students then visited the production facility, which is largely robotized, as the company boasts the largest number of robots in Slovenia. They walked for three kilometres, where they could see everything from basic components to finished products, which Revoz employees then had to test for proper functioning and safety. This is still a job that can only be entrusted to humans, not robots. The company currently produces the Clio, Twingo and Twingo Electric.

The students were very impressed by the study visit, praising the warm and friendly welcome and, as some commented, finally seeing in person the most beautiful example of symbiosis between humans and robots.

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