Validity period: 01. 10. 2023 – 30. 09. 2027

Co-financer: ARIS

Contributes to: Laboratory for Decision Support Systems

Project title: Young researcher in year 2023 

Type of project: Development and research project

FIŠ application: Applicant

Modeling international migrant flows in the Balkans

Political events in the European Union have been marked by the refugee or migrant crisis since 2015. Migrant flows in the EU since 2015 have been characterized by unpredictability. To model the dynamics of migrant flows in the EU and the surrounding area, which enables an understanding of the processes of the creation of new migrant routes, potential humanitarian crises and other unforeseen phenomena, a broad approach is needed, with the integration of all relevant influencing factors on route selection, and the integration of several modeling methods that enable modeling of migrant flows.

The MR project includes the development of a model that will enable researchers and stakeholders in migration management processes to understand processes in migrant flows and identify potential new phenomena in the dynamics of migration and new theories of migration relevant to understanding the current refugee or migrant crisis in the EU.

Young researcher Aljaž Blatnik is an assistant in the course Data warehouses and data analytics (master’s program Computer Science and Web Technologies and master’s program Data Sciences). He participates in research projects in the fields of modeling international migration flows and modeling the spread of fake news in social networks, where he uses computer tools for modeling and simulation.

Mentor: Assoc. Prof. Blaž Rodič, Ph.D.

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