We invited doc. dr. Jelena Lukić Nikolić, from Belgrade MODERN BUSINESS SCHOOL to FIS. Doc. dr. Jelena Lukić Nikolić is a young IT expert with a perspective academic and business career. She was a team leader at Oracle Business Intelligence and has already visited our faculty, as she has an interest in long-term cooperation in both pedagogical and research at our faculty. She will also dedicate part of her visit to presenting her entrepreneurial experience.

Doc. dr. Jelena Lukić Nikolić will be a guest at the Faculty of Information Studies in Novo mesto in the period from 3 May 2021 to 13 May 2021 as part of the operation Applied Data Science and Social Innovation for Better Employability in South-Eastern Slovenia.

Doc. dr. Jelena Lukić Nikolić will take part in tutorials on Business Ethics, which is an elective course in the 2nd year of the higher education study program Informatics in Contemporary Society and in the 2nd and 3rd year of the higher education study program Computer Science and Web Technologies. Due to the emergency situation caused by the covid-19 epidemic, doc. dr. Jelena Lukić Nikolić will complete the entire pedagogical process through the system communication tool Zoom.

An invitation and information on the rights of data subjects is available here.

FOR PARTICIPATION AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION write to the e-mail address referat@fis.unm.si in tjasa.bezensek@fis.unm.si.

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