The Telemedicine Education Advancement through Micro-credentials (TEAM) project officially continues with its activities. On the 16th of January 2024, we held the project meeting via Zoom. It was hosted by the Lead Partner FIŠ Novo mesto.

This international collaborative effort, co-financed by the European Union under the Erasmus programme (Cooperation Partnership in Higher Education), involves partners from six European countries: Belgium, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Ukraine, and Romania.

The TEAM project addresses a critical barrier: the shortage of IT training among healthcare

providers. The European Commission and the World Health Organization have stressed the need for structured telemedicine training to leverage this burgeoning sector fully.

The TEAM project aims to revolutionise digital health and telemedicine education by developing flexible learning pathways that align with global best practices. It addresses challenges such as limited digital literacy and bolsters cross-sectoral collaboration. The initiative is especially pivotal for countries with urgent healthcare needs.

The meeting on the 16th of January marked a crucial juncture for our collaborative efforts as we convene for our first meeting to delve into some “hot topics” currently underway in the project. The meeting had representation from at least one partner organisation member to ensure comprehensive discussions.

Meeting Agenda:

  • 13:00 – 13:05: Partners’ connection and welcome
  • 13:05 – 13:20: Project Overview (FIS)
    • WP1:
    • General concerns about finances and reporting
    • Recommendations from the Assessment Report
    • Various matters
  • 13:20 – 13:35:
    • WP2: Telemedicine Education and Industry Partnership Mapping (RIT)
    • Common Methodology
    • Desk research, country reports, and executive summary
  • 13:35 – 13:50: Dissemination, Exploitation, and Visibility (IHF)
  • 13:50 – 14:10: Next Steps, Action & Decision List
  • 14:10 – End: Any other business, Q&A, Closure of the Meeting

The TEAM project signifies a major step forward in telemedicine education and serves as a beacon of EU-wide collaboration in enhancing healthcare services through digital innovation.

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