The Faculty of Information Studies in Novo mesto (FIŠ) invites you to a virtual information day on Thursday, on the 13th of April, at 17:00. This time we will pay special attention to the presentation of our study programmes at Master’s and Doctoral studies, for which the 1st application period opened on 1 April 2023.

FIŠ offers a wide range of different study programmes at Mater’s level of study. For social science-oriented individuals who want to further develop the link between social science and informatics, we recommend the Master’s study programme Informatics in Contemporary Society. This study programme trains future information systems managers, user experience designers, project managers and decision-makers capable of understanding the importance and use of ICT in society.

More software- and development-oriented individuals will find themselves in the Master’s study programme in Computer Science and Web Technologies. In this programme, you will deepen your knowledge of programming, advanced methods of data analysis, user experience development and the use of artificial intelligence in organisations. Graduates of this programme can find jobs as software developers and analysts, web developers and database managers, among others. 

For computing and statistics enthusiasts, the Master’s degree in Data Science combines the best of both worlds. This course will provide you with in-depth knowledge of modern data analysis and specific skills related to specific types of data. This includes a wide range of advanced data analysis methods and other concepts of modern data science, and the independent development of algorithmic and software solutions to different types of problems. Data Science graduates are employable in the ICT sector as a whole, in public institutions dealing with data and in virtually all sectors of the economy.

In the coming academic year 2023/2024, we will also offer two brand new study programmes – Cyber Security and Business Informatics, which will be offered in part-time mode of study in English.

The Master’s study programme in Cyber Security offers in-depth knowledge in the areas of ICT security in organisations, methods and techniques of protection, and protecting employees from cyber threats. You will be qualified for professional and managerial positions in the field of information and cyber security.

Business Informatics is a Master’s study programme that will, in turn, deepen your knowledge of the use of ICT in the business of organisations and the methods and techniques of digital transformation of organisations. In this programme, you can be trained to work in professional and managerial positions in IT departments, as well as in other business departments, and to lead teams in the implementation of digitisation, informatisation and business transformation projects.

At FIŠ, you can also continue your studies at the Information Society PhD programme. This doctoral programme will train you to do research and create new knowledge in fields related to the information society. During your studies, you will learn a sophisticated research methodology and become familiar with the latest results and open research questions in your chosen fields. Co-funding is also available for your studies.

The first application period for both levels of study opened on 1 April 2023 and runs until 30 April 2023. More detailed information regarding the application for candidates of EU Member States and for candidates of non EU states.

Another important advantage of studying at FIŠ is the possibility of hybrid attendance of lectures and tutorials, which means that all students can attend lectures and tutorials in person, on the premises of the Faculty, or online from anywhere in Slovenia or abroad.

Join us for an online information day and find out all about studying at FIŠ!

The information day will take place on Thursday, 13 April at 17:00, via Zoom. Access details are as follows:

You are very welcome to join us!

If you are unable to attend the information day, you can call us on +386 7 37 37 870 or email us at

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