We are pleased to inform you that Associ. Prof. Dr. Tea Golob, who is in the process of being elected to the rank of full professor in the field of Sociology, will give a public inaugural lecture entitled Planetary consciousness as a lever for sustainable social morphogenesis.

The inaugural lecture will take place on Thursday, 20 June 2024, at 12:00 in the Alpha Lecture Hall.

Summary of the inaugural lecture:

Planetary consciousness as a lever for sustainable social morphogenesis

The lecture reconceptualises the concept of sustainable development and responsible behaviour and offers new perspectives and ideas on how to activate awareness among individuals of the interconnectedness of humanity and the planet. It introduces the concept of planetary consciousness as a lever for an inclusive social identity that transcends the divisions a) in-group/out-group and b) society/nature. It addresses social trends manifested in environmental degradation as well as in growing political conflicts and ideological polarisation that undermine social cohesion and solidarity. These trends are set in the context of radical changes in social structure, characterised by exponential communication, global interconnectedness and interdependence. Radical changes in the social order are also disrupting the normative frameworks of expected behaviour. The lecture thus focuses on meta-reflexivity as a critical element of responsible action, as it enables individuals to consciously direct their actions. The latter is crucial in the context of large-scale digitisation and information overload, as it fosters critical thinking and the ability to select relevant information. In the search for new paths of sustainability and responsibility, the lecture intertwines meta-reflexivity with planet-centric awareness and action of individuals. The theoretical foundations of the lecture are thus based on critical realism and relational sociology, emphasising the interplay between social structure, culture and human agency.

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