With the aim of increasing the internationalisation of our Faculty, the Dean, Prof. Dr. Matej Makarovič and the Head of the Student Affairs Office, Maruša Umbreht Lakić, visited India at the end of January.

India is the seventh largest country in South Asia in terms of geographical area and the first largest in terms of population, making it the world’s most populous democracy. It also has the twelfth largest economy in the world in terms of market exchange rates and the fourth largest economy in terms of purchasing power.

Over the last 20 years, India has systematically built on the development of information and communication technologies, and during this period the Indian government has been active in setting up world-class education and research centres, investing in secondary and tertiary education, digitisation and ICT services. Economic reforms have transformed India into the second fastest growing economy, with the ICT sector and the digital economy as the key economic drivers of the country. The main modern ICT hubs are the cities of Bangalore (also known as India’s Silicon Valley), Hyderabad, Chennai, New Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai and Pune.

India is thus today a country with great potential and a competitive market, which is still developing very rapidly and offers many opportunities for cooperation in education, employment, business, etc.

At the end of January 2024, the Dean of FIŠ, Prof. Dr. Matej Makarovič and the Head of the Student Affairs Office, Maruša Umbreht Lakić, visited India to promote the Faculty and our study programmes at the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels. These are study programmes for which there is a high level of need and demand, not only in Slovenia but also abroad. The reason for visiting India is also the fact that FIŠ has been actively working in recent years to raise the level of internationalisation and thus increase the number of enrolled foreign students at all three levels of study. During their visit to India, the students successfully presented our faculty, study programmes, the advantages of studying and living in Slovenia in the cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi and Coimbatore.

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